Legends Of Tomorrow “2×10 – The Legion of Doom” HD Screen Captures

Not a lot of Sara at all in this one but 100+ HD screencaps from last night’s all new episode of Legends Of Tomorrow 2×10 – The Legion of Doom have been added to the gallery! Enjoy!

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Will Sara Find Out About Laurel’s Return?

NNow that Laurel Lance is apparently back in the land of the living on Arrow, will her sister Sara find out on DC’s Legends of Tomorrow?

Ever since Sara (Caity Lotz) learned Laurel’s (Katie Cassidy) fate at the hands of Damien Darhk (Neal McDonough), the White Canary has been determined to find a way to bring her sister back, especially now that Damien is among the main villains of Legends following the introduction of the Legion of Doom. After all, Sara was once dead and now leads the Legends as the new time cops, so why can’t the same be said for Laurel?

The topic wasn’t addressed in the winter premiere of Legends and, well, fans probably shouldn’t hold their breath. “We have not really figured out a check-in,” executive producer Phil Klemmer told EW when asked if Sara would find out about Laurel’s return.

Of course, this version of Laurel could very well not be Sara’s sister, but a doppelgänger from another Earth, but that’s not to say Laurel’s return won’t affect Sara should she eventually find out. “When we found [Sara] in the first episode of the show, she was this lost assassin without a purpose,” Klemmer says. “Over the course of the show, she’s not just become a member of the team, she’s become effectively the captain — in the absence of Rip [Arthur Darvill], she has taken the helm. Of course, if you take a character too far, like if you rehabilitate them, you really want to challenge them.”

“That really is her season-long struggle,” Klemmer continues. “We find her thirsting for vengeance, wanting to kill Darhk, and then she’s told she can’t do that without screwing up the timeline. There’s no way of reconciling: Both Darhk and Laurel can’t live, according to Sara. So, for her, it really is a question of: Is she going to be the assassin who kills him and gets to go home to having a sister, or is she the responsible time master who does what Rip would want her to do? We haven’t written the [season finale], so I don’t know what she’s going to do.”

Though Sara got some closure during the crossover — in which the heroes of Arrow were trapped in a Matrix-like construct that simulated life had the Queen’s Gambit never gone down — executive producer Marc Guggenheim previously told EW that Sara has not given up hope of reuniting with her sister. “This is, by no means, resolved in Sara’s mind,” he said. “I don’t know if it ever can be. She’s not only lost her sister, but she knows that there’s circumstances or there’s realities out there that make the possibility of bringing her sister back a real thing for her. But those possibilities are blocked by other realities — the reality that you can’t change history without major repercussions.”

Credit: EW.com

Legends of Tomorrow “2×10 – The Legion of Doom” Promo

Here is the promo for next week’s all new Legends of Tomorrow episode 2×10 – The Legion of Doom

The Legends are determined to find and rescue Rip (Arthur Darvill), but first must focus on locating the Spear of Destiny. Stein (Victor Garber) thinks he has the perfect person to help but knows involving her will be risky. Meanwhile, Malcom Merlyn (guest star John Barrowman) and Damien Darhk (guest star Neal McDonough) realize that Thawne (guest star Matt Letscher) is pitting them against each other

Legends Of Tomorrow “2×09 – Raiders of the Lost Art” HD Screen Captures

400+ HD screencaps from last night’s all new episode of Legends Of Tomorrow 2×09 – Raiders of the Lost Art have been added to the gallery! Enjoy!

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Legends Of Tomorrow “2×09 – Raiders of the Lost Art” Clip 1 & 2

Legends Of Tomorrow “2×05 – Compromised” & “2×06 – Outlaw Country” HD Screen Captures

Here is the last part of the missing season two screen captures as we are now upto date, This time with HD Screen Captures from 2×05 – Compromised and 2×06 – Outlaw Country now up in the gallery. I will be working on Season One very soon.

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Caity 2016 Photoshoot Outtakes

back last year Caity did a Self Assignment photoshoot, And after a little work we now have them in full HQ and untagged for you all to enjoy so be sure to check them out!

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Wentworth Miller Talks Sara

Wentworth Miller this week did a interview with Entertainment Weekly and revealed information about his return to Legends Of Tomorrow and how his relationship with Sarah Lance will play out now he dose remember it.

But Snart didn’t just leave Heat Wave behind when he died. In the moments before his sacrifice, Cold and Sara (Caity Lotz) shared a smooch. “I’m also looking forward very much to whatever the writers have in store as far as Snart as White Canary,” Miller says. “There was a kiss, remembered by White Canary, but not Snart.”

Credit: ew.com/

Caity On Legends of Tomorrow Set January 12, 2017 Candids

Caity and some of her Legends of Tomorrow co-stars were seen filmed at Oceanic Plaza in downtown Vancouver a episode that look’s to be taking place in the 1960s for episode 14 that is entitled MoonShot time, With a big thanks to both hollywoodnorth.buzz and Nigel Horsley for the candids of Caity.

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Legends Of Tomorrow “2×09 – Raiders of the Lost Art” Episode Stills

Production stills from the nextupcoming episode of Legends Of Tomorrow has been released and added to the gallery, enjoy! With thanks to Far Far Away for the HQ stills.

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