Be Magazine Outtakes

Thanks to Mary, i’ve added to the gallery outtakes from the shoot Caity did for Be Magazine in 2013.

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Interview with actress Caity Lotz from the ‘Machine’ and the CW’s ‘Arrow’

Actress Caity Lotz was embedded deeper into the universe of the CW show Arrow with the February 5 episode that focused on her character Sarah Lance, also known as the Black Canary (for now). The episode, which featured the most information to date about Sarah’s past—before, during and after the island—and a kiss between her and the eponymous hero of the show, also known as Oliver Queen, gave a clear sign that Lance (and thereby, Lotz) will become a more stable and significant presence on the show, at least for the time being.

But while Arrow fans will get to see more of Lotz on screen as the crime-fighting partner (and former and potential future love interest) of Oliver/Arrow, played by Stephen Amell, that’s not the only place Lotz can be seen in 2014. She also stars in The Machine, which will be released on VOD April 8 and theatrically April 25. The film is about computer programmers who build a self-aware artificial intelligence being with good intentions, but run into a problem when Britain’s Ministry of Defence attempts to use the technology solely as a weapon. Lotz’s performance in the film earned her a British Independent Film Award nomination.

Prior to her roles in The Machine and Arrow, Lotz was best known for her starring role in the British horror flick, The Pact, her role on Mad Men as Stephanie, niece of Don Draper’s wife, Anna, and for her turn as Officer Kirsten Landry on MTV’s short-lived mockumentary comedy/horror show Death Valley.

Lotz talked to about her upcoming film, her experience on Arrow, and other aspects of her career.

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‘Arrow’ 2.14 Stills

I’ve added to the  gallery high quality stills of episode 14 of Arrow, titled Time Of Death. Enjoy!

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SFX Magazine Scans

Caity’s new movie The Machine is featured on April’s issue of SFX Magazine. I’ve added to the gallery scans from it.

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SCANS > 2014 > SFX (APRIL)

Bello Magazine

I’ve updated the gallery with scans, plus an outtake from the shoot Caity did back in 2012 for Bello Magazine.

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Caity Lotz on the Stunning Developments on ‘Arrow’! (BIG SPOILERS!)

Attention, this article has major spoilers on this weeks episode of Arrow, that aired last night.

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‘Arrow’ Q&A: Caity Lotz talks Black Canary, Huntress and more

Caity Lotz joined the cast of “Arrow” this season as Sara Lance, the long-lost sister of Laurel Lance and the newly minted costumed crusader Black Canary. In its second season, “Arrow” has upped its connections to the wider DC Universe, and in this week’s episode, “Heir to the Demon,” fans will get a look at Nyssa al Ghul (Katrina Law) from the League of Assassins.

They will also get a look at a more blissful time in the history of the main characters, back in the days before Oliver Queen’s fateful boat trip that resulted in Sara’s disappearance.

Lotz answered a few questions about her character and offered hints of what is to come in future episodes.

It looks like we’ll get to see the Lance family achieve some domestic bliss in this week’s flashbacks.
You could say that, yeah. We all had a lot of fun. I remember Paul Blackthorne [Det. Quentin Lance] kept saying when we were shooting, “OK, nobody is dead. Everybody is alive. No tragedy. Everybody is happy.” It was like we were shooting a different show.

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‘Arrow’ 2.13 Screencaptures

I’ve added to the gallery high definition screencaptures of this week’s episode of Arrow.

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‘Arrow’: Caity Lotz Teases Her ‘Emotional Battle’ With Nyssa al Ghul

This week on The CW’s “Arrow,” Caity Lotz finally gets to come into her own. The actress has guest starred as Sara Lance, a.k.a. superhero Black Canary since the second season began; but with episode 13, “Heir to the Demon,” the curtain on her mysterious origin is pulled open… And it involves a character well known to comic book fans.

“Nyssa al Ghul, daughter of Ra’s al Ghul comes into town; and she comes into town for Sara,” Lotz told us over the phone. “Very specifically for Sara! She wants Sara to come back with her slash to her, and the drama will ensue from there.” For a bit of background, five years prior Sara was stuck on the show’s mysterious island at the same time as protagonist Oliver Queen (Stephen Amell). We’ve seen how a bit of her back-story, but not how she escaped the island, hooked up with the villainous League of Assassins, or took on the Black Canary personality. And with this week’s flashbacks showing Sara’s past, rather than Oliver’s, we should get some of those gaps filled in.

“We get to see some of the Lance family before all the drama, and pain and death,” Lotz added. “You get to see who they all were before everything went down.”

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Caity Lotz Talks ARROW, Hoping to Win Over the Fans, the Fight Scenes, the Possibility of Sara Rejoining the League of Assassins, and More

On Season 2 of the hit CW series Arrow, Oliver Queen (Stephen Amell) has rededicated himself to his mission of being more than just another vigilante, and is attempting to become a beacon of hope for the city’s most vulnerable, as The Arrow.  In Episode 13, “Heir to the Demon,” Oliver and Lance (Paul Blackthorne) try to convince Sara (Caity Lotz) to stay in Starling City and finally reunite with Laurel (Katie Cassidy), who continues to unravel, and Dinah (Alex Kingston).  When Sara’s fellow League of Assassins member Nyssa al Ghul (Katrina Law) shows up in Starling City to bring Sara back to the fold, Sara refuses, putting her family in danger.

During this recent exclusive phone interview with Collider, actress Caity Lotz talked about not knowing the extent of the role she’d be playing until she was cast on the show, hoping that she’s able to win over the fans, how exciting and unexpected her character’s journey has been, that Sara is going to be emotionally tested, how interesting the history between Sara and Nyssa is, how much she loves doing the fight scenes and stunts, how much fun it was to shoot the flashbacks with the Lance family, and what she thinks it might do to Sara to rejoin the League of Assassins.  Check out what she had to say after the jump, and be aware that there are some spoilers.

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