Legends of Tomorrow “3×12 – The Curse of the Earth Totem” Episode Stills

The CW just released several new episode stills for the upcoming Legends Of Tomrrow episode 3×12 – The Curse of the Earth Totem. And look’s like Sara is going on a date.

THE DEVIL’S TRIANGLE — When Sara (Caity Lotz) decides to take some private time, the Legends pursue a lead on the whereabouts of the long-lost Earth Totem. Without Sara’s knowledge, the Legends find themselves in 1717 to hunt for Blackbeard’s long-lost treasure, but in true Legends fashion things go awry. Meanwhile, Ray (Brandon Routh) feels guilty about something he has done and tries to make amends, which lands him in even bigger trouble.

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Legends of Tomorrow “3×11 – Here I Go Again” Promo

After the team returns from a mission, Zari (Tala Ashe) finds herself trapped in a time loop that results in the Waverider blowing up over and over again. Zari soon begins to suspect that the answer to stop

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Legends of Tomorrow “3×10 – Daddy Darhkest” HD Screen Captures

After a very long mid season break Legends Of Tomorrow is at last back and on a new night as well with the all new episode 3×10 – Daddy Darhkest that picks up were the last episode left of with John Constantine needing some help, Sara being taken over by Mallus and may or may not be turned by him in the week’s to come, Leonard Snart going back to his own world and Rip has escaped from prison so it’s all go for the legends. HD screen captures are now up in the gallery for you all.

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Caity On Legends Of Tomorrow Set 29th January

Caity along with her co-star’s Brandon Routh, Jes Macallan and Adam Tsekhman were seen yesterday (January 29th) in the former Olympic Village on Vancouver’s False Creek filming a new part of a episode of Legends Of Tomorrow, And thanks to hollywoodnorth we now have candids from the shoot. So go over to the gallery to take a look.

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Legends Of Tomorrow “3×10 – Daddy Darhkest” Episode Stills & Promo

I have updated the gallery with new HQ production stills & Promos from the episode of Legends Of Tomorrow episode 3×10 – Daddy Darhkest, With thanks to Far Far Away for the HQ stills

FOLLOW YOUR HEART — After Sara’s (Caity Lotz) encounter with Mallus, the Legends are paid a visit by John Constantine (guest star Matt Ryan), a demonologist detective. The Legends agree to accompany him to a present-day psychiatric hospital and they are surprised to discover who Constantine is trying to help. During the exorcism, Sara, Leo (guest star Wentworth Miller) and Constantine go missing, leaving Ray (Brandon Routh) and Zari (Tala Ashe) to try to take care of Constantine’s client. Meanwhile, Amaya (Maisie Richardson-Sellers) and Nate (Nick Zano) once again come face to face with Kuasa

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“Small Town Crime” HD Screen Captures

This time last year Caity’s new movie Small Town Crime had it’s premiere at the 2017 SXSW Conference and Festivals, and now one year on the movie is at last available for people to watch in select theaters and on VOD and iTunes , Caity play’s Heidi who is a prostitute in the movie and unfortunately has a very small part only appearing in handful of scenes and not doing a lot that being said it is a very good movie that will keep you guessing, So please go and download it or get it when it come’s out of DVD to support Caity. Over 150 HQ screen captures of Caity have been added into the gallery so please go and have a lot.

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Three New Caity Interviews From DC IN DC18

Midseason on The CW Trailer

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New Photoshoot For Shethority

Back on January 13th at DC IN DC 2018, when Caity, Candice and Danielle were getting ready for the Black Lightning Screening, the girls took part in the first photoshoot and live facebook interview for the year for the movement all the DC girls have set up the Shethority. Photos from the shoot are now up in the gallery and you can watch the video below

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(CWTV) Interview With Caity, Candice and Danielle

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