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Yes This is Real

Yes I (Abby) do own the site and my email for the site is and have had it now for over a year.

(sorry people this is for my host, the missing updates are coming soon I hope when I can get it all worked out)

Going Away (14th – 21st Of Feb)

Tomorrow I will be going away for a nice little holiday to Chicago for my bday, In this time I will have little to no internet when I am in America so there will be no updates on the site till I get back to the UK. All the Caity updates I miss will be added in when I’m home and please no emails as well till I’m back.
Thanks all and see you soon

New Look At Caity Lotz Fan

Well were to start, the last update was back in March and I’m sorry to say I fell out of love with Legends Of Tomorrow and that was that I did not want to work on the site any more untill I saw the Pack and it made me see why I love Caity again so I made a start on updating the gallery with missing photos and at last I have got round to adding a new look to the site. There is still LOTS of work to do with the site and so much I have missed but I will be getting round to addeding it all in over the coming weeks. The layout was done by Sin 21 the header is only temporary a new one is on it’s way but please do enjoy the site again and more things are coming.

Merry Christmas

I would just like to take this time to wish everybody here on Caity Lotz Fan a very happy Christmas day and I do hope you all have a great time and get all you want from the day.

New Look + XO Magazine Outtakes

Caity Lotz Source has a brand new look featuring Caity’s photoshoot for XO Magazine, in which she looks absolutely gorgeous! The theme is made by the talented Ray, though it has been edited by me. I’ve also added to the gallery four outtakes from the XO Magazine shoot and will be adding more, so stay tuned!
Edit: Thanks to Lora, i’ve added to the gallery more outtakes from the shoot.

002.jpg 006.jpg 011.jpg 014.jpg


Grand Opening

Welcome to Caity Lotz Source, your very first source about actress Caity Lotz known for her roles in Battle Of The Year, The Pact and recently on CW’s Arrow as Sara Lance/Black Canary. Here you’ll find the latest news, pictures and much more of Caity. Don’t forget to follow @caitylotzcom on twitter for updates. Thank you for visiting!