5 March 2017

All the way back in January Caity let us all known she was taking part in a photoshoot for Locale Magazine and we got to see some outtakes and on set photos from it. Well all last the March issue has come out with Caity on the cover and i have added in the HQ digital scans from latest issue that have a full 8 page spread inside with lot’s

10 November 2016

Entertainment Weekly‘s new issue is now avaliable and to celebrate, the magazine released one outtake that features Caity, not to mention a first look at Laurel Lance’s return (with Sara standing right behind her)! The scans and additional pictures have been added to our gallery. A big thank you to Luciana for the scans.     GALLERY LINK: Studio Photoshoots > 2016 > Session 013 Magazine Scans > 2016 > Entertainment

9 November 2016

Entertainment Weekly has revealed this week’s cover today and guess who’s on it? Our CW Superheroes, of course! Grant, Stephen Amell and Melissa Benoist are seen on the cover with big smiles and if you look closely you’ll be able to spot Brandon Routh in his A.T.O.M suit as well. Sadly there is no sight of Caity on the cover but she appears to be in the photoshoot (hopefully to

12 February 2016

Caity is on the cover of the February issue of Bello Fashion. I’ve added to the gallery scans from the issue, along with two outtakes released by the magazine.     GALLERY LINK: PHOTO SESSIONS > SESSION 059 SCANS > 2016 > BELLO FASHION (FEBRUARY)

22 March 2014

I’ve added to the gallery scans from the 2011 August issue of Regard Magazine.     GALLERY LINK: SCANS > 2011 > REGARD MAGAZINE (AUGUST)

21 March 2014

Thanks to Lora, i’ve added to the gallery a scan from the March issue of TV Guide, that features Caity and her Arrow’s co-star Jessica De Gow.     GALLERY LINK: SCANS > 2014 > TV GUIDE (MARCH)  

13 March 2014

Caity is featured on April’s issue of FHM magazine. I’ve added to the gallery a scan from the magazine.     GALLERY LINK: SCANS > 2014 > FHM (APRIL)

7 March 2014

Thanks to Gabby, i’ve added to the gallery one scan of Caity in the May issue of SFX magazine. Enjoy!     GALLERY LINK: SCANS > 2014 > SFX (MAY)

7 March 2014

Caity is the cover of Within Magazine’s March Issue. I’ve added to the gallery scans from the issue, where you can also find a 60 seconds interview with Caity.     GALLERY LINK: SCANS > 2014 > WITHIN MAGAZINE (MARCH)

9 February 2014

Caity’s new movie The Machine is featured on April’s issue of SFX Magazine. I’ve added to the gallery scans from it.     GALLERY LINK: SCANS > 2014 > SFX (APRIL)