10 May 2014

I’m sure you guys have noticed the lack of updates on the site. I apologize for that but i bring good news! Jenny (the owner of caitylotz.net) and i have merged both our sites, making Caity Lotz Source now named Caity Lotz Fan a more complete and bigger site for all things Caity Lotz! We hope you guys enjoy our site. I’ve also updated the gallery with screencaptures and stills from Arrow, plus an

17 April 2014

I’ve added to the gallery a few outtakes from Caity’s photoshoot with David Cortes. She looks stunning!     GALLERY LINK: PHOTO SESSIONS > SESSION #044

7 April 2014

Caity participated in Hogan Rebel’s editoral project The Rebel Journey. You can check out bellow the small interview Rebel did with Caity. Plus i’ve added to the gallery outtakes in which Caity looks gorgeous!     GALLERY LINK: PHOTO SESSIONS >SESSION #043 What does being a rebel mean to you? To me being a rebel means choosing freedom and adventure over middle-class conformity. It means not only questioning society’s beliefs, but also standing

27 March 2014

Caity did a photoshoot for NOH8 yesterday. I’ve added to the gallery one behind the scenes picture from the shoot.     GALLERY LINK: PHOTO SESSIONS > BEHIND THE SCENES > SESSION #045

22 March 2014

I’ve added to the gallery scans from the 2011 August issue of Regard Magazine.     GALLERY LINK: SCANS > 2011 > REGARD MAGAZINE (AUGUST)

21 March 2014

Thanks to Lora, i’ve added to the gallery a scan from the March issue of TV Guide, that features Caity and her Arrow’s co-star Jessica De Gow.     GALLERY LINK: SCANS > 2014 > TV GUIDE (MARCH)  

13 March 2014

Caity is featured on April’s issue of FHM magazine. I’ve added to the gallery a scan from the magazine.     GALLERY LINK: SCANS > 2014 > FHM (APRIL)

7 March 2014

Thanks to Gabby, i’ve added to the gallery one scan of Caity in the May issue of SFX magazine. Enjoy!     GALLERY LINK: SCANS > 2014 > SFX (MAY)

7 March 2014

Caity is the cover of Within Magazine’s March Issue. I’ve added to the gallery scans from the issue, where you can also find a 60 seconds interview with Caity.     GALLERY LINK: SCANS > 2014 > WITHIN MAGAZINE (MARCH)

19 February 2014

Caity Lotz Source has a brand new look featuring Caity’s photoshoot for XO Magazine, in which she looks absolutely gorgeous! The theme is made by the talented Ray, though it has been edited by me. I’ve also added to the gallery four outtakes from the XO Magazine shoot and will be adding more, so stay tuned! Edit: Thanks to Lora, i’ve added to the gallery more outtakes from the shoot.