Caity Lotz on why it’s so important that Sara is Captain

Representation has increasingly become a focus in mainstream media in recent years The CW is, in many ways, leading the charge with its portrayals of LGBT characters and Legends of Tomorrow star Caity Lotz says that is, in part, what makes her role as Captain on the series so important.

Speaking at POPSUGAR’s Play/Ground festival’s Screen Queens panel earlier this month, Lotz opened up about her character, Sara Lance’s, role as leader of the Legends — a move that puts her in charge not only as a woman, but as a bisexual woman.

At first, I remember everyone being like ‘Wow! She’s a woman, and she’s the leader of the group! It’s this big deal!'” Lotz said. “And I’m like ‘Yeah, of course she’s the leader! Duh!’ But I think another big deal about it is that she’s a bisexual woman. And if you think about, specifically, bisexual representation on television, and how much it’s lacking. And to see a female bisexual character as the lead, the captain of this ship, is I think a really really nice step in progress for representation.”

Part of that representation includes not just telling viewers that a character is bisexual, but showing it, too, and that’s something Legends of Tomorrow does. As recently as Legends’ recently-completed third season audiences saw Sara involved with both Constantine (Matt Ryan) and Ava Sharpe (Jes MaCallan) even as she and the rest of the Legends dealt with the threat of the time demon Mallus.


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