MIGHTY Q&A: Caity Lotz Talks Canary’s Turning Point in Wednesday’s ‘Arrow’ Episode

Last week, we gave you Stephen Amell, this week it’s Caity Lotz, who plays “Arrow’s” version of Black Canary. Tomorrow night’s episode (the last new one for several weeks because of the Olympics) promises a major turning point for the troubled heroine, and Lotz was very candid when talking with our Clay N. Ferno today about Sara’s place in Starling City — and Oliver’s personal life.

But that’s not all! We’ll have a post-mortem with Lotz right after the credits roll on “Heir to the Demon,” so bookmark 13thDimension.com and make sure you see what she has to say then. Because you dare not miss it!

Clay N. Ferno: There’s a lot of buzz that tomorrow night’s episode will have some major developments for the show. Without giving anything specific away, what can viewers expect?
Caity Lotz: They can expect that Sara’s past is going to come back again. This time it is the real depth of it, the emotional core of her past is coming back. She’s going to have to come to a place where she feels like she has no options. I think it’s really about this big, gray area. It’s not figuring out what to do, and how to handle the situation, there’s a lot of emotions with it. Another part of the episode, which is really cool, is we get some Lance family flashbacks. We get to see a little bit of the story of what their family was like before all the drama and everything that happened, before all the death. You’ll see the lightness that they had, which is a really cool thing to do, we had fun shooting it. It’s a cool thing to watch on screen.

Sara’s been laying low in the present day, so how is Laurel going to deal with seeing her sister for the first time?
Who knows? What we saw was Laurel half-saw Sara — she was passing out. That doesn’t necessarily mean that she knows she saw Sara. That will be interesting to see what happens with ‘if’ and ‘why’ Sara would come back and let Laurel know she is alive. I don’t think that she wants to, or that she is ready for that. We’ll see what the situation brings about for her.

You mentioned the family dynamics. There are the al Ghuls, the Queens and the Lances, with the relationships being intertwined. Will things get more complicated between Ollie and both of the Lance sisters?
Definitely. I think for the three of them, this episode really, really complicates things and throws a lot of stuff in there. It’s actually pretty crazy what happens in the next episode.

On a more professional note, you have this amazing training as a dancer, martial artist and in parkour. Are you doing your own stunts on the show?
I do as much as they let me! Most of the fighting I do myself. I also have an amazing stunt double, Atlin Mitchell. She’s done some pretty hardcore stuff where even if they would let me, I’d be “Hmmm … I’m good on that.” (Laughs) You’ll see in the next episode. You watch stunts on TV and you think it is fake. There is one stunt that Atlin does, and she had to wear a helmet underneath her wig because it is so dangerous. There are some really great stunts in the next episode. Most of the stuff that’s fighting is me, and the stuff where you could die, that is my much more trained stunt double!



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